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Window Sculpture

If a window of opportunity appears, dont pull down the shade! is a popular saying.

David Gerstein, renowned Israeli artist, has created window sculptures depicting the windows of life. Whether you are looking in or out, a window is a border a clearly defining line that divides private and public property. His sculptures depict life in Israel and make a comment on the contrast between the inside and outside world.

The shutters on the windows of his series are the old-fashioned Israeli style that are today slowly becoming obsolete. Cats and cactus plants are re-occurring figures in these window sculptures. Gerstein is commenting on the Israeli scene especially in Jerusalem, where cats are in abundance and can be seen in the evenings prowling the streets. The thorny cactus plant, also depicted in a number of sculptures, is an Israeli motif. It is strong and durable and has the ability to survive in the most difficult conditions a reflection on the Israeli personality.

Another window, recalls the hot sultry summers of Jerusalem, before the advent of air conditioners, when the only respite was sitting by the windows as it became cooler and enjoying a fresh piece of watermelon with a glass of water. The blue birds fluttering above carry a message of goodwill and friendship.

The most romantic of the window sculptures is the Hand in Hand, depicting a young couple gazing at each other as they stand at an open window. They look outside, but they have eyes only for each other.

The colors of the Gerstein window sculptures are not chosen at random. Each color carries its individual message. Blue, color of spirituality is appropriate for nighttime silent introspection. Red represents the joy and vivaciousness of life. Green is relaxation and protection. Yellow is a cheerful color that lifts self-esteem. Black figures suggest secrecy and privacy.

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