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Anti Aging

Ever since Queen Cleopatra in ancient Egypt indulged in a daily donkey-milk bath in order to maintain her beauty, men and women have been searching to prolong the magic of youth. Today, the dream is becoming reality. Scientists working with doctors and biologists have produced incredible dermatological preparations that nourish, hydrate, strengthen and rejuvenate the skin, effectively delaying the ageing process.

Ajudaica is proud to present to its esteemed customers an entire battery of products that will help every woman make the most of her complexion. Even if your mirror does not yet reveal the lines and wrinkles that are the give-away signs of old age, these high performance preparations to protect your skin and maintain your youthful complexion.

In addition to age, environmental factors – air conditioning, smoke, fumes and climate – damage skin and encourage the aging process. Stress factors also impact the skin, aging it before its time. Our products have been carefully chosen from a range of prestigious cosmetic companies – H&B, Ahava, Mineral Care and others. They all stand by the purity of their natural ingredients and the high standards of their advanced formulas.

Reduced production of collagen is one of the main causes of skin losing its elasticity. Scroll through our collection and you will find creams to be applied at night or in the morning that contain special formulas designed to correct this imbalance and improve the skin’s texture.

Nighttime is a golden opportunity for skin repair. Apply Mineral Care’s Regenerating Night Cream or Ahava’s Control Sleeping Cream before retiring. Whilst you enjoy your beauty sleep, your complexion will be nourished and moisturized with Dead Sea minerals, vitamins and fruit extracts. Wake up in the morning and your skin will feel different – soft and supple.

In addition, you will find a selection of age-control, age-defying, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle preparations. All contain high quality ingredients that have proven themselves over and over again. Don’t forget that delicate eyes require our special eye creams to replenish the skin and feed it with valuable skin nutrients.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Although aging is an inevitable process that should be worn as a badge of honor, we strive to keep the fresh blush of youth on our complexions. We are confident that aJudaica’s skin preparations will balance the radiance and vitality of youth with the maturity and self confidence that flows with the passing years.

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