Looking for a unique gift for someone special? Our Jewish themed figurines are charming and of the highest quality.

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Showing 1-24 out of 24 items

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Judaica Figurines

Figurines, small decorative statues made of porcelain, glass, metal or other material, make tasteful adornments for home or place of work, adding a pleasing touch to corners, shelves; desks or tabletops. Ever since they were introduce a few hundred years ago, they have been popular decorations and many are prized collector’s items sold in international auctions. Figurines are stylish and elegant and come in a wide range of prices so anybody can begin and enjoy a collection.

The Jewish genius for art has expressed itself in this niche too. Figurines with a Jewish theme will inject into the home your respect for Jewish values and tradition. You will enjoy identifying yourself with their designs and they make wonderful conversation pieces for children, family and guests. We invite you to examine the aJudaica figurine collection – all depicting Jewish and Bible themes.

Keep alive and fresh your memory of Jerusalem the Golden with a figurine depicting an image of the Holy City with two peace doves at the summit. Moses, the Ten Commandments, David and Goliath and the famous King Solomon court case are delightful figurines that will recall famous Bible stories and bring the flavor of Jewish art to your home.

The Jewish passion for music is expressed in the figurines of the fiddler and the violinist. The Hasid, always a picturesque colorful figure in art, is commemorated in figurines that depict him holding a Torah Scroll, blowing a Shofar or praying at the Western Wall.

All our figurines are produced with an electro forming process, covering the metal with a quality silver plate that is strong and sturdy and does not peel, flake or fade. Each one stands on a wooden base making it sturdy and impressive. They can be placed anywhere in the home and they will always add that special interesting touch. They make beautiful hostess gifts or party favors, appropriate for any occasion.

You can be sure that whatever figurine you purchase, it will delight the eye, give pleasure and add charm and a Jewish touch to your home.

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