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Flags of Israel

Is there a heart that does not miss a beat to see the glorious Star of David flag of Israel. Its blue and white design represents the heartache of a nation that has suffered through the ages. It expresses yearning of a people reunited with their land, ready to defend it with their lives.

The flag was officially adopted as a Zionist emblem some fifty years before the State of Israel was founded. When the State was declared, this became the official flag and ever since, it has remained a symbol of hope, determination, support and identity.

Ajudaica offers a choice of flags appropriate for many occasions - a medium and large size flag for hanging from porches, buildings or schools, a car flag to proudly display on your car window as Independence Day approaches or an attractively-sized desk flag that declares your identity and loyalty.

We also offer joint-flag tie pins demonstrating shared cultures. These highly popular tie pins show the Israeli flag together with the USA, Russian, France, German, Brazil, Canadian, UK or Japanese flag. Or, “be ahead” with our one-size comfortable caps in a choice of colors presenting the flag of Israel together with the Stars and Stripes banner – an expression of the two countries’ enduring friendship. Our Israeli Army metal pendant will enable you to feel Israel close to your heart with its replica of the flag in the center.

Other Israeli flag items… The aJudaica Tallit and Tefillin bag, boldly embroidered with the flag of Israel, will proudly greet you every morning… For your office desk, we offer an amusing paperweight - a model of Jerusalem with a camel carrying a flag of Israel in a snow globe… A meaningful gift that your host or guests will appreciate is a decorative Israeli flag wax Havdalah candle... A year-round favorite is our low-cost tote bag displaying the flag of Israel... Attractive and functional is Barbara Shaw’s colorful Israeli flags mug… For the kids – lots of colorful sticks displaying the flag and other Zionist symbols.

Yes, the Star of David speaks a language without words. We are confident that our wide choice of Israeli flag items will eloquently convey the language of your heart!

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