Our varied collection of earrings offers a wide range of styles and sizes, from delicate opal and kabbalah earrings, to lively breastplate designs and more!

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Showing 1-32 out of 143 items

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Fascinating background to Earrings

In ancient times, earrings were worn in some lands only by males or slaves. In other countries, they were a prestigious indication of belonging to the upper class. Oriental countries elaborately decorated their earrings with precious stones. In the Middle Ages, earrings carried subtle messages and were part of the traditional clothing of pirates and Cossacks.

What do Earrings do for you?

Today, earrings are firmly established as a fashion item, chosen with care to complement and enhance clothing, to express love or demonstrate friendship. Highlighting the shape of the face, they flatter and add a finishing touch to any outfit. Inspiring self-confidence, well-chosen earrings will always be noticed, drawing admiring glances and compliments.

Ajudaica carries a huge choice of Israeli artist earrings in various colors, styles and materials. Scroll through our selection and enjoy the variety of shapes, shades and themes. They have been designed by the country’s top artists using silver, gold plate and semi-precious stones and diamonds.

Wear Jewish symbol Earrings

Why not carry your love of Israel with you and wear earrings prominently displaying Jewish symbols that are proud expressions of tradition and heritage. Most popular is of course the Star of David. Ester Shahaf dazzles us with a variety that subtly incorporates the mystery and excitement of the Orient. If you are passionate about pearls as so many women are, you will not be able to resist Edit’s delicate Star of David with a flattering luminous pearl at the base. Dana Tovia’s mysterious looking silver arabesque Star of David is certain to be a hit.

You will love the variety of Choshen-Breastplate earrings. Everyone loves the design – the colored stones, laid out in four rows and twelve colors. It makes a non-fail gift.

Looking for earring to protect you from the Evil Eye? We offer a choice of Israeli-designed Hamsa shaped earrings. Here again, Ester Shahaf excels in her choice of colors and intricate Oriental designs. She adds lots of Swarovski stones to bring a feminine touch to earring that will flatter and bring you instant compliments. For a piece of Israeli charm, grab the earrings with the word “Osher” – happiness written in the center. Just wait to be noticed.

Israeli designer Earrings

AJudaica’s curated collection of Israeli earrings has selected the top designers bringing to you the best of the best.

Israeli artist Haya Elfasi passionately believes that every woman should be able to afford a piece of jewelry adorned with diamonds - a girl’s best friend. Whether tear drop, circular, triangle or heart shaped, her rose cut diamonds will dress up a daytime outfit and bring glamor to evening wear. Put on her earrings in the morning and know that you are looking your best all day long.

Another prominent Israeli artist in aJudaica’s earrings collection is Adina Plastelina. Creativity emerges from her studio in the heart of Jaffa where she has perfected the ancient Millefiori art technique, molding polymer clay, coating it with metal and producing a distinctive pattern that has a dynamic three dimensional impact.

Adina Plastelina’s exotic earrings will take you outside the pressures of city life, reminding you of the natural beauty of the Creation. Her evocative leaves, feathers, and flower earrings reproduce nature’s glorious natural colors – all in home-blended shades of turquoise, purple, green and coral. She soars into the world of space with butterflies, hummingbird or swallow earrings. Her earrings are truly a breath of fresh air from Israel!

We are here to help

Spoiled for choice? Call the aJudaica team for guidance or more information. You will enjoy and appreciate their knowledge and tips on jewelry wear. Let them help you make a choice that reflects your personal taste and interests and will also flatter your face and outfit and help you to look and feel your best.

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