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Showing 1-32 out of 138 items

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Judaica Kabbalah and Jewish Rings for sale

One of our most popular items on our website is the Jewish ring. From stainless steel rings, some with a center revolving row, in gold and silver colors in various designs to sterling silver Kabbalah rings, these are items which are attractive and are customer favorites. The sterling silver rings from Ha'Ari Kabbalah jewelry have designs using Kabbalistic word combinations, and phrases from Psalms enhanced by colorful stones. There is the beautiful Seven Blessings Spinner Ring with has the seven Brachot recited at a Jewish wedding ceremony on each thin band. This makes for a meaningful wedding gift. Our stainless steel rings are reasonably priced and are usually bought for him and her. They are decorated with Jewish designs such as Star of David, the Shema prayer and phrases for good luck and for warding off the evil eye. You can choose your size by measuring your fing diameter, the information is displayed under each item so that you can order the size most suitable for you and that special person in your life. The gold filled rings feature beautiful designs such as the colorful Twelve Tribes Breastplate style.

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