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Prayers for Various Occasions

Today, structured prayer from a Siddur – prayer book - is an integral feature of the daily program of every Jew. Every home has a choice of prayer books for use daily, on Shabbat or on Holidays. However, initially it was not like this at all. Prayer, an outpouring of the soul, originated in the Bible. However, although the three Patriarchs initiated the concept of prayer thrice daily, it was not until after the destruction of the First Temple that the Men of the Great Assembly formulated and standardized the prayer service as we know it today.

From a young age, many Jewish children are so fluent in their daily prayers that they recite them easily from memory. However, Rabbis and teachers strongly urge that children should be encouraged to only use a prayer book. It encourages concentration and as they grow older, this good habit will enable them to focus and understand what they are saying.

To promote and strengthen the use of the prayer book, aJudaica offers a number of beautifully designed booklets featuring well-known and often-recited blessings and prayers. They are offered at affordable costs making this the gift of choice for teachers, parents, neighbors and so on. Present them as party favors or as hostess gifts for the children. You will derive satisfaction from a gift that is attractive and useful. Keep a supply on hand as a surprise for those precious children you love.

You will find in our selection booklets with prayers for every occasion. Some are recited daily like the nightly Shema prayer, the Tefillin prayer with mirror or the Perek Shirah. For those special occasions, there is a Havdalah booklet, a Travelers Prayer booklet and a Separating Challah prayer booklet. Enjoy the Prayer Booklet for Chanukah Candle Lighting, High Holiday prayers or for prayers relating to the sacred Sefer Torah scroll.

Whatever the prayer, it is a good thing for children to acquire the habit of always using a prayer book. A well-known figure in Jerusalem who survived the Holocaust with many miracles attributes this to the fact that from childhood, he was particular to pray with concentration from a Siddur.

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