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Solid Soaps with Dead Sea Minerals

Although soaps were used by the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, it is only in the last two hundred years or so that the connection between health and personal hygiene was understood. Soap then began to be manufactured commercially and marketed at affordable prices.

Today, a huge variety of soap bars is available. To help you make a wise choice, o scroll through the aJudaica selection. Notice the trend towards natural products. All our soaps are produced in Israel by well-known prestigious Israeli cosmetic companies such as Ahavah, Ein Gedi, Mineral Care, Health & Beauty and Saboneto. Most incorporate mud and minerals from the Dead Sea. So, in addition to their health giving properties, our soaps will connect you to the blessings of the Holy Land.

AJudaica offers close to forty bars of soap each one designed to meet skin types, need and personal preference. Our soaps contain unique formulas that thoroughly cleanse, remove impurities and purify the skin. Many are enriched with plants and valuable oils that enrich and moisturize, imparting a glowing feeling of health.

Our most sought-after soaps feature olive oil as the main ingredient. Combined with Dead Sea salts and minerals, they penetrate deep into the skin, cleansing, healing and imparting a sense of well-being. All our olive oil soap bars are enriched with essential oils, each with its individual health properties: lemongrass is anti-bacterial, rosemary oil stimulates the mood, tea tree oil effectively treats skin ailments, lavender oil encourages relaxation and the addition of honey to olive oil soap delivers moistures and maintains the skin’s youth-giving properties. For babies or extra sensitive skins, we recommend olive oil soap enriched with pomegranate extract and shea butter. A non-perfumed brand is for those who are extra-sensitive to scents.

In addition to the olive oil soaps, the mud soaps, rich in Dead Sea mud and minerals, are extremely popular. The soap is a deep cleanser and leaves the skin with an exhilarating feeling of freshness. Coconut oil is another deep cleanser that has been added to health giving soap bars.

AJudaica has a choice of soaps for special skin issues – for sufferers of psoriasis, soap for those undergoing cellulite treatment, and a soap for those with itchy red troubled skin.

The Saboneto soaps, enriched with vitamins and other fine ingredients, are known for their health-giving properties. In addition, they have given a renewed lease of life to those who produce and package them in the pastoral hills of Israel – a group of young boys with moderate to severe special education needs. So, every Saboneto soap you purchase adds meaningful content to their lives.

Happy cleansing!
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