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Here you can find Israel t-shirts, IDF t-shirts, Jewish funny t-shirts, Mossad shirts, Krav Maga t-shirt, Israeli Army and sports t-shirts.

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Showing 1-32 out of 127 items

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Israeli T-Shirts

The T-Shirt isn't only a comfortable garment, it makes a political, philosophical and fashion statement! At aJudaica we give you all the options, with our Israeli Army, Jewish and Israeli culture themes, in a variety of sizes and colors, so go ahead and let the world know where you stand, in a stylish manner, of course! Choose from the Israel Army designs, featuring insignias from various Army, Air Force, Navy and Special Unit emblems. Then we have the tongue in cheek Israeli ones ranging from Bazooka and Budweiser labels in Hebrew, to Guns n Moses and more.The Jewish theme t-shirts are snazzy with Hamsas, Chai and more. We have a new addition to this category, for that new addition to your family. Baby Onesies with adorable Hebrew and English messages for that special little 'un, also with a variety of colors, designs and sizes! For those preferring long sleeves, we offer this option too, as well as a range of colors, with options for printing on front or back. Choose your size, design, color, and enjoy the t-shirt statement which suits you the most! We prepare them custom made per order especially for you!

Israeli Tee Shirts with long sleeves

There are many reasons why people prefer these items. Firstly, because of modesty. Those wishing to adhere to the orthodox Halachic practices, will ensure that a woman's elbows and collar bone are covered. Another reason is protection from the sun, this is recommended for many outdoors activities including in wooded areas where the dangers of Lyme disease is prevalent. This is passed on by infinitesimal ticks and can cause long term symptoms, and so people engaging in outdoors activities are encouraged to wear long sleeved shirts.

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