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Jewish Law, or Halacha, requires a married Jewish woman to cover her hair. For a stunning combination of tradition and fashion, view our collection of Jewish hats, caps and berets.

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A Jewish scarf is the same as any other scarf donned for fashion, religious, medical or for any other reason. It acquired the “Jewish” addition referring to those who wear the scarf at holy places or on religious occasions. These are the scarves women wear as an expression of modesty and respect to cover their head and shoulders, mantilla style, when kindling the Shabbat lights, visiting the Synagogue, participating in a wedding, praying at the Western Wall or visiting other holy sites. Some religious women who already cover their hair still add a scarf for additional respect at any of the above events. So, a Jewish scarf is an essential item in the wardrobe of any Jewish woman.


Scroll through our chiffon scarf selection. They are so lightweight and comfortable you won’t even feel it on your shoulders. Many of them carry delightful Jewish designs that will endear them to your heart. In a choice of delicate colors, the designs feature Song of Songs quotes, The Ten commandments, a fish, Jerusalem, Seven Species or a Menorah design. For those who prefer a plain scarf, without a design, we offer a distinguished looking gray scarf or a gorgeous fashionable powder blue scarf with long fringes. For the trendy look, enjoy a scarf displaying the Israel flag.

Galilee Silks in the north of Israel produce hand-painted exclusive pure silk scarves that sport luxurious looking designs. A feast of colors, in magnificent hues and blends, any of these scarves will dress up your outfit transforming it into elegant go-anywhere. Each scarf is handmade to order so you know that it will express your individuality and fashion taste. They come in a variety of lengths. Choose a size that will be flattering and comfortable and enjoy its versatile uses.


Research and archeology have proven that scarves are not a modern invention by any means. Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt wore a finely woven headscarf and she was followed by the Chinese and Roman Emperors. Through the ages, scarves were regarded as distinguished gifts and later they became a class symbol. For the last hundred years or so, scarves have become an essential fashion accessory for men and women and today they are an integral feature of many official uniforms. They are also widely used for promotion purposes.


Enjoy the Ajudaica selection of Jewish scarves Experiment and enjoy a new look each time. There are lots of variations. You can place the scarf gently over the head and tie it at the back. Or, let it drape elegantly over your shoulders, giving additional prominence to the design. The Galilee Silk scarves will look stunning loosely tied around the neck flowing down the front of the body. In short – our scarves are a great cover-up and also a fashion accessory.

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