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David Gerstein, one of Israel’s outstanding artists, is inspired by everyday living. His pictures and sculptures reflect his witty and insightful observations on human behavior, his wry sense of humor and a sincere desire to bring delight people in all walks of life.

AJudaica brings to you his series of five head sculptures. They are colorful and dynamic, carrying a message that contrasts thoughts and needs with the realities of life.

The Eureka Head Sculpture depicts the pivotal moment in a person’s life when a dark struggle of conflict and doubt is resolved by the brilliant rays of a light bulb. "Eureka!" With a sense of joy and satisfaction, all is clarified, and now begins the march to success!

The Head Baby sculpture is a reminder of the child that lies within the heart of every adult. Like the beauty of fluttering butterflies that circle in the head, that inner point of youth brings a touch of beauty and inspiration to everyday living.

The psychedelic design of the "Head within Head" sculpture features the human eye as its central point – the eye that sees, desires and conquers. Modern art surrounds the eye but cannot eliminate it. Warns Gerstein – beware of the eye and its potential!

"Head to Top" depicts the lone individual. Ignoring the masses of people in the background who run, push and shove in all directions, he remains focused on his goal, undeterred by outside pressures around him. Slowly, he climbs the stairs, weary but supremely confident.

Fascinated with the passion of speed and the power of unlimited imagination, David Gerstein presents us with a "Head Cyclist" sculpture. This individual may be sitting in his office but in his head, he dreams of the excitement of speed cycling. Such are the contrasts of life!

All these heads are double sided, displaying front and back can be viewed. Wherever they are displayed, they will arouse interest and admiration. So, build up a set for yourself or present them as an impressive and distinguished gift.

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