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YehuditsArt Fine Calligraphy and Papercut

If you are looking for a work of art that is distinctly Jewish, then it is time to meet Yehudit Shlomo, a young Israeli artist, marketing under the name of YehuditsArt. Yehudit has perfected the art of paper cutting and micrographics, enhancing her work with miniature Hebrew texts. Living with her husband and family of young children in Ramat Gan, she lovingly paints, draws, cuts and personally prepares each work of art.

Yehudit has been breathing art since childhood. A 5th generation Israeli, she grew up in Haifa. Whilst her school friends filled their notebooks with facts and figures, hers were packed with sketches and designs. Her formal training did not spoil her natural talent or the inspiration she derived from her passionate love of the Land of Israel and deep attachment to her Jewish heritage.

She has a great admiration and love for Biblical figures, especially women and these play a central role in her art. Using intricate paper cut techniques and delicate colors, she highlights the inner strength of the Jewish woman, re-creating images of Ruth, Channah, Miriam, Esther and Sarah and decorating them with Bible quotations that convey the joy and power of faith and Jewish identity.

The magic of the Jewish wedding day has always fascinated Yehudit and she shares this with us in her exquisitely hand decorated Ketubahs, her papercuts commemorating the Huppah ceremony, and her whimsical picture comparing a couple’s new home to building the Third Temple.

Yehudit offers customers the option of a work that is entirely handmade or a print with handmade additions. Each work comes with glass and frame that she has personally chosen. So, whatever you choose, a YehuditsArt will always have a personal touch. They make great gifts – for yourself or a dear one. Wherever they

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