Book Stands and Shtenders


A stender or shtender is the Jewish version of a podium or lectern. A narrow reading desk, often with an adjustable height, has a sloping top on which rest documents, books or papers. It is used for studying, lecturing, praying and public speaking.

The word is a derivative of the Yiddish for “stander”, a reference to the first tall stenders that were a convenient way to remain standing whilst learning and praying.


An innovative and brilliant extension of the standing stender is a desk stender. We do not know who invented or designed the first one but it was an immediate success and is today an accepted item of furniture in the home, school, Yeshivah and Synagogue or library – any place of prayer or study.


A table stender offers optimal comfort for the student. Instead of straining the back as he bends over the table, books and papers are neatly propped up on the stender. The adjustable height enables him to choose the angle that is most comfortable for posture and eye sight. A major asset is that the table stender can easily be collapsed. It folds flat and is conveniently moved or packed away. More advanced versions have drawers at the base, convenient for storing papers, prayer books or writing tools.

As with all items of Jewish interest, there is a focus on aesthetics. The choice of colors, engravings and metal additions make these stenders highly attractive and pleasing to the eye as well as functional and an asset for quality study.


We offer a wide choice of table stenders and you will surely find amongst them, one that will suit your taste and pocket. Even the inexpensive models are sturdy and will give years of service. Most come with a choice of three heights.

The table stenders in the Ajudaica’s collection are made of wood in natural or dark shades. Many are decorated with elegant and decorative metal plates on which are engraved pretty designs or Biblical verses that relate to the great merit of Torah study. Responding to popular trends, we have recently added two new colors to our collection – a distinguished white and an impressive cherry wood that positively invites you to sit and study! You will also find stunning stenders with striking designs - decorative leather or glass inserts.


A table top Stender is an original Bar Mitzvah gift that will give pleasure and added concentration to the young boy’s studies and prayers. It is a useful and attractive gift for son, father, husband or any special member of the family. Present it to your school graduate or that favorite nephew/neighbor/grandchild who is starting college. Why not present table top stenders to your local Synagogue, school or Yeshivah with a suitable dedication plaque. They are very useful if you are studying or praying sitting at a table.


Throughout the generations, Jews have exhibited a passion for learning and understanding holy texts. Although the need for books has largely been replaced by the convenient lap top, it will take more than technology to extinguish their thirst to increase Torah knowledge. Scholars’ and students’ tabletops are often overflowing with study and reference books being examined to explore and clarify a difficult topic. So, aJudaica’s table stenders are a wonderful way for “The People of the Book” to nobly fulfil the exhortation of Joshua (1:8), “And you shall meditate on it day and night” – the words engraved on most of the aJudaica’s table stenders.

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