Dvora Black

Devora Black ia a talented South African artists who resides and works in Israel. She creates stunning hand painted blessings and portrayals of Jewish life cycle events and holidays.

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When Dvorah Black made Aliya to Israel from her native South Africa, she knew she had come home. Living in a small pastoral moshav in the Judean Hills, she found the ideal background to inspire her magnificent works of Jewish art. Intensely aware and proud of her Jewish heritage, she spends her days, creating illuminated texts and pictures that celebrate and commemorate those special moments in life that you want to hold on to and remember forever.

Browse through her incredibly beautiful collection. Each one, with its gentle color combinations, creates nostalgia and atmosphere. Her wall hangings have a pearly luminescence that expresses gentle dreams connecting past, present and future. Each picture comes in an elegant gold frame, ready to hang on your wall. Many of them are decorated with flowers - picked and pressed in the countryside surrounding her home.

With restrained elegance, she presents us with finely written illuminated Jewish texts that celebrate the special events that are an integral feature of every Jewish home and family. For a housewarming, present one of her home blessings with elegant wording in Hebrew or English. There are beautiful framed wall hangings with boys or girls blessing, giving a special touch to those immortal words. Consider the precious Shema Yisrael prayer or the traditional Aaronic Blessing. Of course, there are also exciting Hamsas and eloquent Trees of Life. Doting grandparents have a special plaque paying tribute to their status as head of the family. There is also a dove of peace portrait and a sparkling image of ancient Jerusalem.

As a young girl, Dvora Black studied music. Today, her energies are exclusively focused on her art productions. The sensitivity, refinement and subdued elegance of the color themes create a delightful symphony of visual music that will uplift the home and all who gaze and admire these works of art.

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