Decorative Judaica Matchboxes

No more mad scramble to remove the matchbox from your Shabbat and Holiday table before candle lighting! These decorative and lively Judaica matchboxes can be left out to enhance your Shabbat table!

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Showing 1-2 out of 2 items

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Jewish Design Matchboxes

The simple matchbox has been around for almost two hundred years. Initially, it was dangerous and poisonous. Today, it is an almost indispensable household item; Americans strike more than five hundred billion matches every year.

Candles, or their equivalent, are an integral part of Jewish life whether for Shabbat, Chagim, Yohrzeit, celebration meals, weddings or sheva brachot. Whatever the occasion, it will be necessary to strike a match. So, matchboxes are to be found in every Jewish home and the Jewish genius for art and design has extended to the simple matchbox too.

Ajudaica offers a choice of colorful decorative matchboxes that are visually attractive and appropriate for the occasion. For Chanukah, there are small or large matchboxes. One comes with the addition of the Menorah blessings and prayers. There are elegant Shabbat Shalom matchboxes for kindling the Shabbat lights and also a 3-pack matchbox for Pessach. Matches that can be used for any occasion come with a pretty picture of Jerusalem and the Kotel.

These attractive matchboxes are inexpensive, compact and will fit into any handbag. They make welcome hostess gifts or party favors and are a thoughtful addition to a gift of candlesticks, Havdala sets or Shabbat lights. Present the Chanukah matches as surprise gifts for children. Just make sure they do not reach youngsters’ hands.

Phillumeny, the hobby of collecting matchbox covers, is an international pastime. It would be interesting to know if our Judaica matchbox covers are included in their collection!

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