Nature Sculptures by David Gerstein

Enjoy these famous Nature Sculptures by David Gerstein, pop art Flower Vase sculptures, Colorful Cow Sculptures.

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Showing 1-30 out of 30 items

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Gerstein Nature Sculptures

David Gerstein is one of Israel’s leading artists whose paintings and sculptures are displayed in public places in most of the world’s capitals. AJudaica takes great pride to present his work to our family of customers. Whether for yourself or a dear one, a David Gerstein work is a prestigious gift that will be appreciated and cherished.

This selection of nature sculptures was created in David’s studio in his home town of Jerusalem. He takes a look at life in Israel and seeks to show people that there is much more than meets the eye in the everyday objects that we see regularly.

His attachment to nature and his passionate love of color finds natural expression in the elusive butterfly, that eternal symbol of joy and rebirth. Notice how his colors stream, contrasting and harmonizing. His butterfly wall sculptures call to us to catch the colors of life before they fly far from us. He has crowned his butterfly creations with beautiful Israeli names: Vered, Hava, Hadar, Mira, Alona, Merav, Tziona, Ruth and Naomi. Each one is an individual masterpiece that speaks to the heart and soul.

Equally inspiring, although less dramatic, are the Gerstein series of cow sculptures. Less elusive than the butterflies, they stand on the ground in the form of striking table sculptures. Here again, Gerstein speaks to us through the world of color, painting his cows with endearing blues, reds, oranges, pins – every color imaginable. The cows have a whimsical even foolish expression but they nevertheless entertain and add dramatic beauty to the home or place of work. The artist is reminding us of the hidden beauty that lies in the world of nature if we will only penetrate the surface to observe it. Notice the eloquent Israeli names – Medina, Nava, Margarita, Hulda, Tikva, Lola, Dora and Shalva.

An amazing feature of David Gerstein’s wall and standing sculptures is that the picture is repeated on the reverse in a whole new cacophony of colors. So, you receive two for the price of one!

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