Browse through our large variety of styles and designs, choose from the old-school black Kippah to the colorful embroidered Bucharian Kippah - find the style that suits your personality.

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Showing 1-32 out of 297 items

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Shalom! Welcome!

Welcome to the aJudaica selection of Jewish headwear, the skullcaps commonly known as a kippah (plural Kippot) or yarmulke (plural yarmulkes). When buying one of our kippot online, you may feel lost with so many to choose from. Why do we have such a wide choice? In order to provide something for everyone – no matter who or where you are. That is why we offer such a variety of colors, fabrics, designs and sizes. You can be sure - whichever brand of Judaica you identify with, aJudaica has the appropriate head covering for you.

Some background kippah information

Kippah in Hebrew means a dome, which is the prominent feature on top of a building. We don’t know how that evolved into being the word for the Jewish head covering but today, "kippah" is internationally-recognized as a symbol of Jewish identity.

In Chassidic and other circles, the kippah is referred to as a "kappel", (Yiddish for hat), or as a "Yarmulke" (also yamaka). Here too, the origin is obscure although roughly translated the word means "fear of the king", referring to the humility and awareness of the Almighty above, that should be felt when wearing a head covering.

Your Kippah as a selfie declaration

"Tell me what Kippah you are wearing and I will tell you what group of Jews you identify with!" The traditional black terylene or velvet kippah, without decoration, is worn by religious Jews. At the other end of the spectrum, are those who will whip out of their pockets a kippah for a religious occasion or an event where they want to be like everyone else – be it a wedding ceremony, bar mitzvah or prayers.

Between the two, there are a host of varieties. At aJudaica, we cater for them all, offering a selection of styles, color and design to suit all Jews, whichever community or level of religious observance you wish to identify with.

At the same time, we view kipot as a fashion item, and like women's clothing, there are constant changes in styles. We have our finger on the pulse and if you follow our stock, you will see a constant fluctuation as we add more designs and new contemporary style color combinations. Of course, for the traditional customers, the "old" designs will remain online.

A variety of kippah hat fashions for men

Youngest first! Ajudaica wants children to enjoy wearing their kippot. So, we offer a choice of juvenile styles in velvet and terylene. They are decorated with designs from the world of children – aleph beit letters, baseballs, Jerusalem and so on.

Our best-selling line is the pillbox Bucharian hat. Renowned Judaica artist Yair Emanuel has made a special line of this style, presenting them in exotic vibrant color combinations, exquisitely embroidered with birds, flowers or Jerusalem themes. An all-time favorite, they are distinctive and impressive and very comfortable.

Also popular, especially with the youth, are the frik kippahs. Originally associated with Breslev, today everyone enjoys wearing them. They are large and comfortably flop over the head. They come in the traditional black or in a variety of colorfully striped designs that include a line carrying the Breslev nach-nach mantra.

If you are celebrating a bar mitzvah, wedding or other Jewish occasion, we recommend that you prepare in advance from aJudaica a supply of kippot to distribute to your guests. The most appropriate are our white satiny kippot with a choice of elegant designs. For a cool look, choose a kippah with colors that match the evening's d&233;cor scheme. Whatever the event, kippot are always an acceptable party favor.

If you are looking for a small size crocheted kippah, aJudaica is the perfect online kippah shop. We have a huge selection of designs – striped, geometric or decorated with popular Jewish motifs. It is hard to even choose which are the most popular.

Whether you opt for linen, cotton, velvet, leather or suede you will find a variety of colors and designs that range from traditional to contemporary, classic to lively and colorful. Designs include the ever popular Star of David, Jerusalem images, Menorah or other motifs, an embroidered "mazal tov" or even the Breslev flame logo. Another popular item are the zahal kippot, featuring Israeli army symbols.

To ensure that your kippah fits comfortably, our kippot refer you to a measuring guide that will help you choose the size that will fit most comfortably. Questions? Do not hesitate to call our patient and knowledgeable staff. They will walk you through the buying process so that you can be sure you have made the right choice. And if for any reason, something isn't right just let us know and you will find that aJudaica gives first priority to customer satisfaction.

Keeping the kippah on your head

All ages, from active children to older men, will sometimes experience difficulty in ensuring that the kippah stays attached to the head. Picking up a fallen kippah is really not very dignified! So, to give you peace of mind, you can purchase kippah clips in black or silver. An alternative ingenious solution is a kippah clip attached to the inside of the kippah.

Looking ahead (pun intended)!

At aJudaica, we know that the kippah is a Jew's "flight wings" that give him his status and his identity. Our huge selection of quality kippot, combined with our unparalleled service, will enable every customer to wear his badge proudly, secure with the knowledge that he belongs to the "unit".

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