Tzedakah boxes

The commandment of giving tzedakah or charity is meant to benefit the giver and the recipient. Tzedakah boxes are a prominent feature of Judaism, at home and in public places such as synagogues, promoting contributions for those less fortunate.

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Showing 1-32 out of 98 items

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At aJudaica, we see that our customers look on charity boxes as an integral feature of Jewish life. The act of giving tzedakah (charity) is so fundamental, that it is a given for every Jewish home to have at least one charity box – preferably on display.

We want our boxes to be attractive and colorful so that you will take pride to display and use them. Our website offers you a huge choice, ranging in price from $5 to $600. You will surely find amongst them a box that suits your taste and pocket.

It is never too early to teach a child to give charity. Present him with his personal charity box and encourage him to drop in coins. There is a low-cost box, decorated with children’s images - perfect for this. Another box the kids adore is Yair Emanuel’s colorful hand painted wood charity box with a cute star or house shape.

Our wood and silver plated charity boxes are dignified and impressive. If you prefer something more playful, there is a silver and gold Tefillin shaped charity box. Many enjoy the lucite transparent box where the coins are clearly visible. Whatever you choose, they are all durable and well-designed and will give years of good use.

If you are a Yair Emanuel fan, you will want to purchase a sample of each of his stunning designs – vibrantly hand painted wood, a smooth cylindrical box with a cutout decorative silver band or round boxes with colorful metal bands.

For contemporary style tzedakah boxes to blend with your home decor, enjoy Shraga Landesman’s elegant box that intriguingly rocks back and forth as you drop in the coins. Exclusive Agayof displays a cutout Tree of Life on his magnificent charity box. A favorite in the collection is Adi Sidler’s contemporary style charity box with slits in the Hebrew word Tzedakah for dropping in the coins. Benny Dabach also brings vibrant contemporary designs. All these come in a choice of bright metallic colors, perfect if you wish to match your color scheme.

Giving charity is a Jewish mitzvah. Whether you drop coins in the box before prayers or prior to Shabbat candle-lighting time, or to commemorate any special even in your personal life, it is a beautiful gesture – to think of others and to help the less fortunate. An aJudaica charity box will help you observe this mitzvah with dignity and pride.

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