Tzedakah boxes

The commandment of giving tzedakah or charity is meant to benefit the giver and the recipient. Tzedakah boxes are a prominent feature of Judaism, at home and in public places such as synagogues, promoting contributions for those less fortunate.

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Showing 1-32 out of 92 items

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Tzedakah or Charity Boxes

Tzekaka Boxes, or Pushkas, are available in decorative versions, making for attractive gifts. The box is usually set out on the Shabbat table, near the candles, enabling the woman to give charity before lighting candles since this is said to enhance the effectiveness of her requests. The sleek contemporary boxes by Agayof, Adi Sidler and Shraga Landesman are crafted of metal in vivid modern shades such as silver, purple, turquoise and magenta. The more traditional ones are of wood with a metal overlay and are handsome and classic.

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