The most important commandment on Passover Seder night is to recite the Haggadah. Make sure that each guest at your Seder table has a suitable and interesting Haggadah, whether it's illustrated for children, or translated into an appropriate language.

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Pesach Haggadah

The Seder experience, celebrating G-d’s miraculous delivery of the Jewish nation from the slavery of Egypt, is a pivotal event in the Jewish calendar. It is the night when the history of our nation is passed on to the next generation. Through the Haggadah text, the story is told and retold, often highlighted with song and dance.

Today, there are over 3000 editions of the Haggadah providing a huge range of illustrations, commentaries, bindings and printing styles. Ajudaica offers a curated selection of Haggadahs for adults and children that will enable everyone to follow and understand the Seder service.

If you are hosting the Seder table, it is important to ensure that each person present has his own Haggadah so that he can personally follow the service and participate in each of its rituals. Our choice of Haggadahs will ensure that your Seder will be a memorable and dynamic experience for everyone present.

There are standard Haggadahs in Hebrew - some are superbly illustrated. There is also a choice of soft backed Haggadahs with translations into English, Spanish, French or German.

The highlight of the aJudaica collection is the Haggadahs for children. Since the focus of the Seder experience is arousing the interest of the younger members of the family and keeping them awake, it is important that the Haggadah they use should be attractive with lots of absorbing pictures.

You will adore aJudaica’s richly illustrated Haggadah with English translation. Children will pour over every page, enjoying the pictures that capture in vivid detail the slavery and the redemption. Another version with Hebrew text only is equally absorbing. The dynamic pictures bring to life the story of Pessach and even adults will be glued to the pages.

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