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We all have times when we’d like to express gratitude to professionals who assist us in our lives, and then it’s somehow difficult to find the right gift for them. Well, search no more. Here you’ll find significant Judaica gifts which will be proudly displayed by their recipients.

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Showing 1-31 out of 31 items

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Jewish Office Gifts

To give or not to give a gift to the boss or the office? What is a safe gift if you do not know the boss? Is there a gratitude gift for a professional or business associate?

Scroll through the selection of aJudaica office gifts and you will find an answer to these and other questions. Gift suggestions range from the trivial to the prestigious, from affordable to exclusive. The exciting plus is that they all come to you from Israel and many have been hand-made in Israel from start to finish.

For an exclusive office gift, consider a Gerstein or Tzuki sculpture or Hamsa, a hand- crafted blessing or wall decoration with text in Hebrew or English. You will find a huge selection in aJudaica’s wall blessing category. If you wish to present a tribute to a teacher, lawyer, doctor or Rabbi, you will adore the delicate beauty of Dorit Judaica’s selection of wall plaques with their moving texts.

You can’t go wrong with a gift clock. Consider Yealat Chen’s Pomegranate or Remember Jerusalem design. Kakadu brightly colored clocks with lively designs will brighten up any office. ArtOri’s black and white clock is striking and functional.

For office bookshelves we recommend popular favorites - Peleg and ArtOri’s entertaining book ends. Their amusing bottle holders will be enjoyed by the boss who entertains in his office suite. Why not present a paper weight – always functional. You will find attractive low cost weights presenting Jerusalem and the Israeli flag or graceful artistic creations from artist Shraga Landesman.

There are a variety of elegant items for standing on the office desk – a cute magnetic Sabra shaped stand for sticking on those elusive paper clips or delightful note and card holders, memo and desk pen holders holder from Yealat Chen in either gold or silver plate. Dorit Judaica business card holders will give a new look to any office.

For a friendship gift to an office colleague, consider a Dorit Judaica bookmark, memo pads or one of her huge selection of key rings decorated with Hebrew sayings and proverbs. Each one exhibits style and delicate workmanship. For a lighter note, present the boss a Barbara Shaw mug. Smile or shed a tear with the ArtOri’s tissue box holder.

Whatever you decide to purchase from our website, we hope you will enjoy the anticipation and planning. Presenting a gift should bring joy and pleasure not only to the one who receives but also to the one who gives.

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