Ester Shahaf

The hand crafted Judaica and jewelry by Esther Shahaf combines Middle Eastern and Oriental influences with diverse materials such as pewter, silver, brass and Swarovski crystals. The multicultural and picturesque styles reflect the exotic heritage of Israel and it's people.

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Showing 1-32 out of 413 items

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The tradition of creating beautiful ritual items goes back over three thousand years when the Jews were in the desert and young Bezalel was entrusted with the task of producing religious objects of unparalleled beauty and perfection for the Mishkan – the holy dwelling place of G-d. Ever since, creating attractive ritual items is an expression of pride in the Mitzvot and a reflection of our love of the values, traditions and practices of Judaism.

In recent years, Jewish artists – most of them living in Israel - are creating magnificent collections of Jewish ritual items for Shabbat and Holidays, for the home and for the Synagogue, for oneself or as gifts. Judaica items today includes jewelry, wall hangings and other items that beautify the home. Using contemporary materials and art techniques, these artists have given a modern twist to traditional ceremonial items.

A leading Israeli Judaica artist in the field is Ester Shahaf who lives and works in the northern rural town of Binyamina. AJudaica takes pride to bring to the notice of our family of customers the outstandingly beautiful products of this eminent artist. Whatever she creates is a work of exquisite beauty that makes a beautiful gift of love. Shimmering crystals, colorful metal effects and gleaming Swarovski stones combine to truly fulfil, "A thing of beauty if a joy forever!"

Scroll through the category and enjoy her lavish display. There is a huge choice of aesthetically pleasing Mezuzah cases. For Chanukah, there Menorahs and dreidels that impress and entertain. Her Shabbat candlesticks will make your candle lighting an elevating experience. The shimming Shahaf Pesach Seder plates will leave guests in awe. Tasteful elegant Hamsa wall decorations make perfect gifts. Her jewelry is a feast for the eyes to be treasured and cherished.

Without a doubt, a purchase from Ester Shahaf's stunning Judaica collection will raise your observance of tradition to a new level of love and appreciation.

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