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Ori Niv believes that everyday products can be beautiful and esthetic. He creates items for people who want to make their home or work environment more pleasant and welcoming. His goal is to market products which will bring enjoyment to people and put a smile on their faces. Sometimes you'll do a double take when viewing ArtOri's clever objects. He transforms everyday, practical items which are found in every home into humorous and decorative items. The melancholy saxophone player slouched on a wall playing for donations is really a coin holder, a perfect gift for that musician in the family. An attentive waiter holding a wine bottle is in reality a kitchen towel holder bar and the man crouching over a small fire warming his hands doubles as a tea light candle holder. One very popular item is the pop art bite clock in bubble gum pink, bright green or hot red colors. One item which is perfect as a gift for a psychologist is a tissue box holder portraying a classic office treatment scene. This tongue in cheek present will elicit smiles from all who see it. The black Alcatraz clock has the numbers portrayed as if they were scratched out on a wall in a prison cell and will make a dramatic addition to any room. The Wine for your Life wine bottle holds a bottle of wine with two figures fleeing as if from under it, a conversation piece at any party.

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