Thank You Gifts

Here are gifts with Jewish themes, when you need a special item to show your appreciation. They are varied in styles and prices, so there's something for everyone here.

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Showing 1-32 out of 35 items

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Jewish Presents which express thanks

The two words “Thank You” mean a lot. However, words are quickly forgotten. A gift is a tangible expression of gratitude that will be remembered for years to come. So, for those special thanks, we have selected gifts that are impressive, amusing and also eloquent.

For a light-hearted touch, Barbara Shaw’s products capture the traditional unquenchable Jewish sense of humor with its love of life and people. We show here her tote bag, mugs, glass case and a welcome to Israel kit. You will find many more in our Barbara Shaw category. All of them make perfect thank-you gifts.

Shahar Peleg’s bottle holder that stands in mid-air will certainly bring a smile. Equally amusing is the innovative ArtOri tissue box holder featuring a psychologist in session.

A Kakadu product is colorful and exciting. Whether you choose a floor mat, table runner or place mat, her products are all top quality, hand painted and lacquered to last a lifetime.

A Dvorah Black framed picture is a beautiful way to say thank you.

On a serious note, Dorit Judaica offers a choice of impressive wall plaques, beautifully designed in exquisite colors. There are texts for teachers, lawyers or doctors. Turn to our Dorit Judaica category for a comprehensive display of her products. For a contemporary style gift, her “Good People Along the Way” is a beautiful way to tell someone that their favors are not taken for granted.

An impressive thank-you gift for a public presentation is Yair Emanuel’s wall hanging of the Twelve Tribes. It displays images of the tribes attached with embroidery.

A curved Yemenite Shofar is a magnificent gratitude gift. You will in our Shofar category a huge selection. Consider also a hand-painted or silver decorated Shofar.

Whatever you choose, whoever is the recipient, your gift will be appreciated. Truly, a speaks more than a thousand words.

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