Modern Sculptures by David Gerstein

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Modern Art by Gerstein

David Gerstein, born in 1944, is a world-famous Israeli painter and sculptor. His works are to be found in galleries, museums and private homes all over the world and his outdoor sculptures are displayed in public spaces in Israel and abroad – in Germany, Korea and in Singapore where it is the country’s tallest public sculpture.

In his sculptures, he takes everyday objects and fills them with life and color. Many of them make humorous comments on everyday life in Israel. His series of modern sculptures are exciting and will make a colorful addition to any home decoration.

Cats and birds are popular themes. There are birds flying in space connected to earth with blue ribbons. Another bird is perched on an empty chair. Birds are also shown filling the interior of a tall erect cypress tree. They represent hope, optimism and the ability to move on and build a new and better world.

Another thought provoking sculpture displays computer chips forming a shades-of-green cactus plant – a comment on the struggle between advancing technology and preserving plant life.

The Caravan Silk Route Sculpture is a subtle acknowledgement of the universal search for wealth.

The Ariel Lion of Jerusalem, depicting the strength of the holy city will make a beautiful decoration for any home or place of work.

An exciting sculpture is the Gerstein “Art Sculpture” where colorful paints and brushes form the word “art” - a comment on the important role that color plays in our life. To David Gerstein, the rich variety of colors that figure prominently in his works, represent the endless variety of people in the world. Their shades and hues is what makes life so interesting and exciting.

So, AJudaica invites you to make your life interesting and exciting too with the addition of a David Gerstein sculpture to your home décor. They also make delightful gifts that will give endless pleasure and satisfaction.

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