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So, you are in the USA and want to feel the taste of home. Maybe like the ancient poet Yehudah Halevi, you feel, "My heart is in the east and I am in the west!" Ajudaica is with you. You yearn for Israeli foods – and we want to bring them to you.

We would love to send our customers freshly prepared hummus, falafel, shakshouka and burekkas. Since it isn’t possible, we do the next best option – offer you a choice of popular Israeli products that will remind you of home and keep up your culinary ties with Israel.

If you are looking for a tasty cup of old-fashioned tea, you can't beat Wissotzky. The company has been serving Israeli's with tea for over 80 years so they know about producing tea. Another favorite export product at aJudaica is coffee. You will find a variety of Israeli coffees from the well-known Elite company and others. Choose Turkish coffee or the traditional Instant Coffee in the familiar red label tin.

There are spices – Israeli spices are famous all over the world. You will also find jars of pure honey – perfect for the Rosh Hashonah season when your thoughts and dreams are with Israel. Prepare your own falafel or couscus with our Ossem mix. There are those who will swear that it as good as what you buy in the store!

Indulge the kids with Israeli nosh. You will find in our selection Bamba, Bissli and Apropos – guarantee to be finished as soon as you open the package!

Our most popular item is the kosher fish gelatin powder – beloved for its recognized Kashrut and the delicious foods it produces.

So, keep the taste and flavor of Israel in your home with any of our Israeli products and of course, we hope to see you in Israel proper. Le'hitraot!

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