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Golan Studio - Yemenite Israeli Jewelry


Today, Israel boasts many jewelry artists who design Yemenite Kabbalah jewelry. So, what is special about Golan Studio? AJudaica has chosen his products because he is genuinely authentic. We have visited him in his studio and seen his deep concentration as he bends over each piece he creates, painstakingly engraving holy words. Golan Studio is "the real thing."

Although Golan was never in Yemen, his parents spent their childhood there. So, Golan grew up, closely identifying with the Yemenite culture and life style. He feels totally at home living in Rosh Ha'ayin where the predominant population is Yemenite. Golan is also an avid Kabbalah student. He comes to the studio each day after an intensive study session and he transfers to the jewelry he designs, the excitement and passion he feels for Kabbalah.


Golan brings us an array of pendant necklaces, bracelets and rings. Each item is handmade using quality sterling silver. Golan himself does the engraving, feeling the spirit of each item as he works on it. The result is a selection of unique hand crafted jewelry. Each item combines the spirit of Kabbalah with the beauty of Yemenite silver work.

Wearing Golan jewelry brings you spiritual protection as well as compliments. You will find in the collection many prayers and blessings. There are traditional Jewish motifs and symbols and of course there are the Kabbalah words and letter combinations that have deep inner meanings.

By the way, Golan has many pieces that are men's jewelry too, making them a fabulous gift to express enduring love.


Another reason for choosing Golan Studio jewelry is his personal involvement in every aspect of the production. "I breathe into each piece," he says "my personal inspiration and blessing." So, wear and be blessed!

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