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We feature head coverings for orthodox Jewish women, tasteful Jerusalem ties, and Israel and Jewish-themed caps and skull caps (Yarmulkah, Kippa) as well as the kittel. The kittel is a white garment worn by observant Jewish men on solemn occasions and celebrations such as holidays and weddings. These are all high-quality garments made of the finest materials and featuring faultless workmanship and original designs.

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Showing 1-32 out of 234 items

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An old saying declares, “The clothes make the man.” The style, color and cut of the garments you wear say a lot about you – your taste, personality, employment and even your life style. Jewish clothing takes that one step further. It reflects who you are – your identity, your loyalties and where you belong.

What is Jewish clothing? It may be specific Jewish garments such as the man’s white kittel or women’s head coverings. For others, Jewish clothing is Hebrew words boldly printed on the front of regular garments. Today’s Jewish clothing is closely related to an expression of identity with the State of Israel – its army, tourist sites and culture. This is expressed in caps, T-Shirts or even aprons that proudly display Jewish inspired pictures or symbols.

Whichever Jewish clothing you are looking for, scroll through our web site and you will find it there.


Scroll through Ajudaica’s Jewish clothing category and enjoy viewing a huge selection of items designed for the Jewish wardrobe – strengthening an awareness of firm unequivocal Jewish identity.

Start with the pure-white kittel garment – worn on spiritually significant occasions – Yom Kippur, Seder night, leading the Congregation in prayers or by the groom under the wedding canopy. Ajudaica offers impeccably sewn kittels in lightweight cotton/polyester material. Choose between a plain unadorned style or a more detailed design with lace around the collar and cuffs.

If you are looking for women’s head coverings - you will find a versatile selection on our web site. Scroll through our crocheted snoods, caps, berets or bandannas. There are lots of styles and colors. They fit all kinds of hair and can be worn for casual and dressy events. Whatever you choose, you will feel proud to be Jewish with one of these feminine and stylish head coverings.

Perhaps you would like an elegant Jewish style scarf to cover head and shoulders when lighting Shabbat candles, praying, visiting holy places or participating in religious occasions. You will love our fine selection, mostly made from silk or chiffon. They come in delicate pastel colors and many have Jewish themes or feature Bible quotations. Enjoy our hand-painted Galilee silk scarves - each one an exquisite work of art.

A year-round favorite are our Jewish printed T-Shirts, making a clear statement of commitment to Jewish identity. Note the variety of colors and choice of sizes. Texts are amusing, nostalgic or carry traditional Jewish symbols. They express loyalty and admiration for the State of Israel and the army with T-Shirts and emblems for just about every military division – Mossad, Givati, Golani, Air Force, Police and others.

Wear your heart on your head with our Israeli style caps. In a bright array of colors, they sport emblems and the names of Zahal’s leading army brigades. In addition to the military, you will find caps with a bright “Israel” or “Jerusalem” or Israeli flag print. Others carry the traditional Chai good luck symbol. Our prize goes to the Israel-US cap with a bright picture linking the two flags.

Last and sweetest are the first Jewish clothing a child wears – gorgeous baby onesies. They carry amusing and entertaining texts in Hebrew and English. They are colorful and creative with that unique flavor of Jewish humor. Onesies make delightful gifts that will give endless pleasure. You can be sure that a baby wearing an aJudaica onesie will always be the center of attraction.


The garments of the Priest in the Mishkan and later in the Temple are termed as being for kavod and for tifferet – for honor and glory. This carries a powerful message. Wearing Jewish clothing is a privilege and a responsibility. Our clothing speaks of the honor and glory to be a Jew and our pride to display our Jewish identity and loyalty. Ajudaica’s selection of Jewish clothing seeks to strengthen these feelings.

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