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We don’t know when the first hat was worn but we can assume that it was created out of need – to provide protection from the elements, especially cover from the sunlight and rain. Once it was being worn, it became an adornment and fashion elements were added. Over the centuries, it has evolved into a symbol of status and in different periods, a man’s hat would often reveal his occupation and even his political affiliations.


Jews have been covering their heads ever since the times of the Talmud as an expression of respect and awe before G-d indicating that the head, seat of the intellect, is subservient to the will of G-d. In addition to the classic kipah or yarmulke as it is sometimes called, there are scores of styles of caps and hats worn by Jews throughout the world. Each country and culture has its own style and since Jews always wear a head covering, they have adopted many variations, adding their own individual Jewish flavor.


In this spirit, aJudaica presents a wide choice of Israeli caps. The body of the cap and the front peak are decorated with symbols, icons or messages that are meaningful to Jews. Many of them display motifs of the State of Israel and its armed forces. Wearing these caps is an expression of identity with the Jewish nation, showing your support for the Israel Defense Forces. So, buy a cap, go ahead (pun intended) and wear it with pride.


The aJudaica selection of hats is intended for boys or girls, men or women. They are ideal for hikes, walks or any outdoor activity. Wear them in Israel or in your home town. Present them as party gifts or give them out to students or campers. They will be enjoyed and worn again and again – as a head covering and for the message that the decoration represents. They are sturdy and comfortable and many are available in a choice of color options. Size is adjusted with a velcro adjustable fastening.

One of the most popular in the selection is the bright cherry red cap with a black border and Israel written boldly across the front in gold lettering. There are varieties of this design but basically they all dramatically express support for Israel. A number of Jerusalem and Masada caps are also very popular together with a couple of Chai caps, displaying the Hamsa emblem with Chai boldly written in the center.

If you are looking for a cap to show your ties with Israel’s army – Tzahal – you have a wide choice. There is a cap for almost every army division – the air force, paratroopers, golani Brigade, Police and others.

If we had to select a favorite cap, it would be the cap displaying the Israel-American friendship with the flags of the two countries intertwined. The Star of David and the Stars and Strips will continue to weather storms, remaining firm strong allies.

It has been said that “The cap maketh the man” or woman. We would suggest that with aJudaica’s caps, “The man (or woman) maketh the cap”!

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