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Enhance the mitzvah, or commandment, of Etrog, by carrying it in a decorative case.

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Esrog Box for Sukkot

The Sukkot Festival is always associated with the beloved Arba Minim – the Mitzvah of the Four Kinds comprising the palm branch (lulav), two willows (aravot), three myrtles (hadassim) and the citron fruit (etrog). Joined together in the prescribed manner, they are taken with pride and joy to the Synagogue every day of Sukkot (except Shabbat). A specially designed etrog box to store and carry the etrog, adds the final touch to this cherished mitzvah. At the same time, the box or bag will protect the delicate etrog from knocks and bangs.

Ajudaica offers a number of etrog holders for you to store your etrog or to present as a gift. Leading Judaica artist, Dorit Judaica, departs from the traditional box style with a new look – a satin drawstring bag beautifully decorated with her traditional pomegranate design. It is padded inside to ensure full protection for the precious etrog. Choose from three styles.

Yair Emanuel brings his hallmark colorful Oriental style to wooden etrog boxes carefully lacquered in order to give lasting use for many years.

Avner Agayof’s etrog box is a stunning work of art created from anodized aluminum. Oval shaped, it stands on three small feet. A decorative white band in the center declares that this is “pri etz hadar” the Biblical description of the etrog. You can choose from seven colors.

If you are looking for a low-cost etrog holder, we recommend a distinguished looking elegant leather case. For the budget-conscious, there is a pretty a decorated box made of strong plastic.

Whichever aJudaica container you choose, you can feel secure knowing that it will keep your etrog safe and will demonstrate your love for the mitzvah of the arba minim.

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