Hamsas & Blessings

The Hamsa symbolizes good luck and removal of negativity, something we all can use. It is combined with Home or Business Blessings, decorated with Judaic themes as in the Yair Emanuel Hamsa, or is just plain decorative as jewelry. A meaningful and beautiful gift for that special person.

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Showing 1-32 out of 316 items

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Wall Blessings and Hamsas with Jewish themes

One of the all time favorites at our website, the Hamsa is available as a wall hanging, jewelry, keychain and sculpture, this is a favorite gift expressing good will and ethnic tradition. One of the most popular ways to express good wishes on occasion of a wedding, entering a new home or just as appreciation is the wall blessing or hamsa. These can feature Home or Business Blessings in diverse languages such as English, Hebrew, Spanish and Russian or ones with themes of Jerusalem as a desired wall decoration theme. The Woman of Valor, or Eshet Chayil plaque is a moving tribute to the Jewish woman and makes an expressive gift to that special wife and mother. Yair Enamuel offers stunning glass hamsas in addition to the decorative wood, metal and embroidered cloth ones, all with evocative Jewish designs in artistic rendering.

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