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Jewelry Made of Roman Glass

Roman glass jewelry is just that – a piece of jewelry holding glass that is over 2000 years old. Yes, two thousand years old.

Each one of aJudaica’s Roman Glass jewelry items holds a piece of glass that was excavated in the Land of Israel, buried deep in the earth, preserved since the far-off days of the Roman occupation of Israel. The abundance of fine sand in Israel, or Judea as it was known as a Roman province in those days, made it a flourishing center for the production of glass vessels to be exported all over the Roman Empire.

Now, so many years later, archeologists in their many digs in the Holy Land have discovered this beautiful glass and are amazed to see how the mineral properties of the sand have preserved and enhanced its iridescent beauty. AJudaica’s jewelry artists have used it to create exquisite pieces of jewelry that speak of beauty, history and pride in Jewish identity.

A piece of jewelry made with Roman glass is like a precious heirloom, a lingering memento of the past, a reminder of the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel as far back as two thousand years ago. Wear one of our Roman Glass necklaces and let your imagination flow. Maybe this glowing glass was once part of a wine glass, a vase, jar or jug that graced a Jewish home. It was used and enjoyed then and today it is again being used to give pleasure as a jewelry adornment.

World-famous Roman Glass artist, Michal Karat, tells us that transforming Roman Glass into a piece of jewelry is a precious art that for each artist is a closely guarded secret. Special skills are required to maintain the color and texture of the fragile glass and to ensure that it still remains prominent in the design and that the setting blends with its glowing colors. Sterling silver is usually the metal of choice with the addition of natural pearls and beads of semi-precious stones. Of course, the glass is strengthened so that it is almost non-breakable.

Scroll through our selection. Most of the necklaces we have chosen from Michal Karat’s collection display a Star of David design or have a pendant design. Each one carries recognized certification confirming authenticity certified by the top experts in the field.

Add a Roman Glass jewelry item to your collection and feel the thrill of the past, the joy of the present and anticipation for a glorious future.

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