Rosh Hashanah

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Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year

These great and awesome days are marked by hours spent in the synagogue or at home, praying fervently for a good year. The main item which comes to mind is of course the Shofar, which is blown as a symbol of our cries and humility, also to arouse G-d's mercy with remembering the Binding of Isaac. The main two kinds used are the Yemenite Kudu Shofar and the Ram's Horn, also the Gemsbok Horn is an exotic and most beautiful Shofar. Honey dishes as receptacles for the sweet honey eaten then, as a symbol for a sweet new Year, together with apples and pomegranates. These plates range from classic to contemporary with Shraga Landesman, Adi Sidler, Yair Emanuel, Dorit Judaica and Itai Mager with their modern interpretations of this traditional dish. There is a predominance of Prayer Shawls and Kittels to be worn at prayer services as are Machzorim, the prayer books for Jewish holidays. A popular theme is the pomegranate one, as beautiful as it is meaningful, and it decorates towels, honey dishes, wall hangings, challah covers and candlesticks with each artist interpreting it differently and exquisitely. The special items includes lively New Year Cards, a guest candle lighting kit with the appropriate Blessing, Gift packs of honey or soap and toothpick table decorations. From the largest Yemenite Shofar to the smallest toothpick, we offer every appropriate item!

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