Caesarea Arts

Browse through these made in Israel items, Mezuzah cases in ancient stone style or at the other end of the spectrum, contemporary rainbow design. Choose from Judaica crafted in sleek and smooth lines, as gifts or a beautiful home decoration.

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Showing 1-4 out of 4 items

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Caesarea Arts Studio

This is a multi-faceted studio who design and manufacture stone and glass Judaica and giftware as well as accessories for the home environment. Their location in a seafront township built around important archeological sites that date back to ancient times, is an undoubted inspiration for the items.

The stone Mezuzah cases by this artist are a favorite with many. They are made with Jewish themes and are reminiscent of archeological finds made in Jerusalem and in the Galilee. Many are etched using Hebrew letters in the ancient style, using modern techniques and skill. Other popular items are the aluminum rainbow series, with the Mezuzah cases in lovely contemporary hues and of excellent quality. The modernistic Kiddush cups successfully synthesize tradition with style in their unique design and color.

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