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A onesie for babies is a T-shirt that extends below the waist and closes over the crotch with snaps or velcro. It is also known as an infant body suit, diaper shirts, Babygro, mameluco or snap suits. You will find onesies available in a huge variety of designs and fabrics. They can be worn as an undergarment for warmth and comfort or as an outer shirt - a baby fashion item.


Infant onesies had their origin in pajamas that were introduced into fashion a few hundred years ago. Over the years, this developed into all-in-one body suits for adults that are still growing in popularity. It did not take long for a brilliant designer to adapt this clothing item for infants. A fantastic innovation, the garment is here to stay. It keeps the baby wrapped up neatly and efficiently. Changing a diaper is a breeze and so much simpler to accommodate with a onesie than having to remove layers of swaddling clothes. Why is it called onesie? Obviously, because it is a single garment but also perhaps because is worn by those who are around the one year age group!


A Jewish onesie are those delightful decorations that leave people chuckling. Artistic talent combines with the Jewish genius for laughing at oneself and finds expression in embellishing the simple onesie. Jewish onesies carry amusing and entertaining themes – in English, Hebrew or Yiddish or any language. They share a common denominator - they make everyone smile! So, a Jewish onesie is not only for the baby but also for those who bend over to admire the baby and find themselves enjoying his garment too.


Our onesies are all made from quality fabric. They are usually available in a choice of sizes and colors. and come with short and long sleeves.

Each onesie in the aJudaica selection has been especially chosen for its appealing text and pictures, written in Hebrew and English or both. Choose from “I was just born now,” “Welcome to the world,” “Mom’s genius”, “mini mensch”, “dream boat”, “Bubeleh”, “the cherry on top” and many others. Two of our favorites – and most popular with our customers too are – “Save the date for bar mitzvah” and “50% Aba, 50% Ima, 100% me!”


Each one of our onesies has a unique Jewish flavor which makes it such a special gift. Grandparents are our regular customers. You can’t go wrong with a onesie gift. Every mother needs a large supply since the baby may be changed a few times during the day. You can be sure that the cutest baby will look even more adorable in one of our onesies. When you present an aJudaica onesie to a newborn, you are also giving the gift of laughter – a unique addition to his wardrobe.

Yes, those bawling colicky infants may cause you sleepless nights and leave you nervous and sleep deprived but you still love them dearly. Every mother is convinced that her baby is the sweetest and cutest and she loves to dress him up in cute attractive clothing. So, whichever onesie you choose, it will be appreciated, worn and enjoyed.

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