Dancers by David Gerstein

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”Dance is the hidden language of the soul” declared Martha Graham, one of the 20th century’s greatest dancing artists.

In this spirit, David Gerstein, celebrated Israeli artist, introduces us to the magic of movement with his exciting series of Dancers Sculptures. His Dancers are creative and colorful. The figures, young and not always beautiful, move feverishly to the beat of unheard music, losing themselves in the frantic dance experience. Creating an atmosphere of perpetual motion is Gerstein’s comment on the frenzied dance of life, as young people constantly twist, rock or swing in a desperate search for pleasure and satisfying life experiences.

In hallmark Gerstein style, his imaginative dancing figures display a riot of color suggesting joy and a love of life. They whirl through space, moving limbs in total abandon. Gerstein dancing sculptures are a powerful expression of body talk. His energetic boys and girls, men and women, express freedom and acrobatic skills that celebrate life and youth.

A number of his dancing sculptures focus on the unity that dancing offers to young people who come from different cultures and life styles. Their movements express a welcome release from tension, anger and anxiety. The couples dance together but are still alone – each with his private inner struggles, dilemmas and life questions. The world of dance translates these feelings into movements.

The figures are made from laser cut metal that has become transformed by Gerstein into a dynamic life figure. Reverse the sculpture and you will find the same outline with different colors and style – another Gerstein comment on the contrast between people’s public and private lives.

AJudaica warmly recommends any one of these Dancer sculptures as a gift to bring vibrant life and color to a home or workplace. It makes the perfect presentation to anyone who is young, young in heart or passionate about body movement.

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