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Songs of the Land of Israel

Many of the popular Israeli Folk songs have their roots in various ethnic backgrounds. From the plaintive Russian folk and shepherd songs to the rhythmic North African darbouka dance music, the original melodies incorporated Hebrew words to create a new culture called Israeli music. Enjoyed at kibbutz communal get togethers, and at festive gatherings, weddings and holidays, these songs have become classic and well loved.

Jewish and Israeli Songs

Music was an inherent part of the Jewish religion, as often related in the Torah. The famous Song that Miriam sang after the miraculous Parting of the Red Sea, is one example The prophets used to play on musical instruments while waiting to receive their prophecy, as a way of stripping the mundane and worldly and entering a higher state of being. Music is the expression of the soul, and these Jewish songs express popular tunes, in lively Hassidic hits, Shabbat Songs, and favorite Israeli music.

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