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The personalized Hebrew name necklace makes a perfect, tasteful and personal adornment or a gift for anyone who is proud to be a Jew. These necklaces are tastefully crafted from the finest materials.

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Showing 1-32 out of 40 items

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?” asked William Shakespeare. To judge by the growing popularity of aJudaica’s personalized necklaces - the answer is “a lot!”

Your name was the first gift you received from your parents. Given to you at birth, it accompanies you throughout your life. As the years pass, it becomes an expression of yourself, your personality – who and what you are. Even though others may carry the same name, a person still relates to his name as his unique identity. So wearing a necklace carrying your name – in Hebrew or English – is a declaration of your distinctive self - taking pride in who you are.

The when’s and why’s of personalized necklaces

Present a personalized necklace to a dear one to express your love and friendship. You will be remembered with affection every time the necklace is worn.

Let it express your Mazal Tov greetings to a precious newborn. The mother will love you for presenting her precious infant with her first item of jewelry. It’s trendy today for babies to be dressed with jewelry so your necklace will very soon adorn the baby. For mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends - a personalized necklace is a much-appreciated birthday or bat mitzvah gift. Children love wearing them and they feel good knowing that you care and took the trouble to buy something them personal. Another milestone – graduation - is a great occasion to celebrate with a name necklace.

When should you present a personalized necklace as a gift? Any time, any place! If there is no special occasion, still present it. Why? “Because I love you!”

The aJudaica selection

Scroll through aJudaica’s selection and enjoy the choice of materials and styles. They are pretty and feminine, exuding charm and grace.

The lower cost pendants are more suitable for birth or bat mitzvah gifts. Some necklaces are embellished with a heart pendant, in addition to the personalized name engraving. There are delightful pendants where the name is engraved in a heart. For lovers of Israel, choose the name engraved in a Star of David. Consider the “I love you” pendant or the pendants decorated with a Hamsa or opal. Most of the designs and styles are available in either sterling silver or gold-fill.

We offer you the option of Hebrew or English spelling of the name. Call our staff if you have a doubt regarding the spelling in Hebrew. They will be happy to help you decide. Notice the option for choosing the length of the chain. There is no extra charge for the longer chain.

More personalized jewelry items

If you are looking for a personalized jewelry item that is absolutely unique we recommend the rings of Israeli artist Boaz Netanel. He is passionately devoted to the land and people of Israel and this is reflected in the dynamic designs of his rings that reproduce ancient scripts used in the Holy Land in Temple times. A Boaz Netanel ring will become a cherished family heirloom – an expression of our People’s rich heritage in the Land of Israel.

Also in this category is a delightful sterling silver charm bracelet. Add charms of your choice, marking the special occasions in your life – the highlights, the friendships, the milestones you want to remember. Judaica charms are a graceful expression of your Jewish identity – the perfect accompaniment for that special outfit.


Today’s personalized necklaces are a far cry from ancient times when personalized jewelry was used to seal documents. Today, a name chain, sweetly suspended is stylish and trendy - a trend that is here to stay.

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