Flowers by David Gerstein

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Flower Sculpture

AJudaica shares with you the stunning flower sculptures of renowned artist David Gerstein. Each one is perfect in its attention to detail and shades of color. Amazingly, when you turn the sculpture, you can view it again on the reverse side where the sculpture is repeated in different colors.

Gerstein’s metal flowers and vase are a comment on modern technology and man’s desperate efforts to create beauty and shape from stainless steel. His Blue Bouquet Flowers Vase represents flowers with the colorful discs and swirling tapes that decorate modern living. He has added green stalks as an expression of his wit and humor. In the same spirit, we invite you to enjoy another Gerstein floral evaluation of contemporary living - the Red Bouquet Vase depicting flowers that are digital chips and red twigs represented by twisted swirling wires. He is assuring us that even technology has its beauty.

Say it with flowers! You will find life-like looking magnificent red and purple poppies, golden sunflowers and delightful tulips. Their rich vibrant colors will bring sunshine to your home. The colors radiate joy, optimism and a love of life and living. Enjoy the crowded flower arrangement on the Bell Vase. Turn it round and enjoy it again with a different color scheme.

The Green Bouquet and White Bouquet dramatically show the power of colors, a dominant theme with David Gerstein. His sculptures apply a rich variety of colors and shades that harmonize together. He uses colors to draw attention to show how “variety is the spice of life” – we need colors to make life exciting and interesting.

Enjoy these sculptures. Treat yourself or a friend. They make never-to-be-forgotten gifts. Wherever you stand a Gerstein flower sculpture, it will bring life and color to the room. And don’t forget the flowers will never need watering or care!

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