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On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, many hours are spent in the Synagogue in earnest prayer. The Shofar blowing ritual is an integral feature of the prayer service. However, in spite of the serious note of the two days, Rosh Hashanah is still a festive occasion. The Jews are confident that, individually and collectively, they will be inscribed for a good, healthy and happy New Year.

Many people celebrate the Holiday meals with friends or relatives and it is customary to present the hostess with an appropriate gift on arrival. Since dipping apples and bread into honey is an integral feature of the Rosh Hashanah meal, a honey dish is always welcome. You will find a few here – for a more comprehensive selection, turn to our honey dish webpage.

AJudaica offers you a stunning gift that can be sent to any address you give us with your personal gift message – a gift set comprising a ram’s horn with bag and cleaning spray. Choose the Shofar shade of color, finish and size. Alternatively, you can choose a sterling silver decorated Shofar horn. We have a huge choice on our Decorated Shofars’ web pages.

Appropriate for Rosh Hashanah is a pomegranate ornament for display on your table or sideboard. The lifelike pomegranate of ceramic from Michal Ben Yosef will be deeply appreciated. This also comes as a gift set – together with a small jar of honey and a pretty Rosh Hashanah card.

If you enjoy sets, there is a honey dish with a jar of honey and Rosh Hashanah card. Or, consider Gerstein’s apple sculpture with a jar of honey and pretty card.

If you would like to present a gift that will be used year-round, we suggest a challah board and cover from Dorit Judaica. Here too, you will find a larger selection on the webpage.

In keeping with Jewish tradition, we wish you and your dear ones a Shanah Tovah, a happy and prosperous New Year.

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