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What comes to mind when one hears the name Kakadu? Vivid images of Israel’s seven species, flowers, birds, landscapes, dots, circles and lines, all in bold shades. Bright blues, luscious greens, ruby reds, striking oranges- these are the hues that make the Kakadu palette what it is. Specializing in wooden household items and Judaica, every item in the collection can be mixed and matched with another.


Kakadu was created kind of by fluke by dynamic husband-wife duo, Aharon and Reut Shahar. Reut, a renowned Israeli artist, was preparing for an art exhibit about 25 years ago, when she decided to bring along a bunch of woodn trays that Aharon, a carpenter, had made and just could not sell. Replacing the solid wood bottoms of the trays with hand-painted plywood bottoms, she brought along about 20 trays to the exhibit. The trays were an instant hit. Reut was soon swamped with requests for more and more art-nouveau trays! She asked Aharon to help- and voila!- Kakadu was born!

Starting from a Jerusalem store in 1994, Kakaku soon opened a Tel Aviv gallery and a studio in Moshav Zafririm soon thereafter. They then went on to sell online. They now sell internationally through an affiliate network.

Reut from Kakadu has even designed the Picabu restaurant in the Walt Disney World ‘Swan and Dolphin’ resort hotel in Orlando, Florida.


Kakadu’s distinctive home decor collection is comprised of lasy susans, floor mats, candlesticks, challah cutting boards, clocks, salt & pepper shakers. Exceedingly unique and striking, each item makes for an excellent conversation piece. Aharon and Reut pride themselves on creating art that is not restricted to museum walls or gallery tables- their products are fully functional. The Shahars are equally environment-conscious, employing the use of mostly fast-growing timber planted for this purpose.


For those of you planning a trip to Israel- you must visit the Kakadu workshop in Moshav Zafririm! Kakadu hosts daily workshops for companies, organizations, families, tourists and students in either Hebrew or English. They allow you to tap into your inner artist and have a great time!

Kakadu is synonymous with color, vibrancy and fun. Take home a Kakadu creation for a splash of Israeli appeal in your home!

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