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This beautiful Holiday of Lights is celebrated by lighting the Menorah and reciting special prayers. The moving lighting ceremony is often held in the company of family and friends in an atmosphere of joy and brotherhood. The traditional Menorah is usually made of metal, with a straight line for candles or oil, with a Shamash, or helper candle a bit apart. The modern ones vary from the classic theme with alternate designs such as doves, Fiddler on the roof, or themes from nature such as the Shraga Landesman products, incorporating birds and flowers into his flowing designs. The Yair Emanuel aluminium ones blend contemporary colors such as magenta and turquoise for a sleek modern look. The Candle Storage Star of David one by the same artist is a brilliant idea for preparing all the candles beforehand in a snazzy design. The laser cut flower and pomegranate ones are a riot of color and joy. The Israeli artists really went to town with their individual interpretations of this traditional item, and it is colorfully and artistically expressed in their individualized Menorahs. The famous Family Tree and Happy Family ones by Tzuki are brilliantly designed and painted, not to mention the humoristic Traffic Jam Chanukah Menorah by the same artist which will make you smile every time you look at it. Dorit Judaica as usual excels with her restrained elegance with a modern twist, and the quality laser cut Menorahs with her usual lovely decorations, imbuing these items with meaning and charm. The Adi Sidler Kinetic and Adjustable items have interchangeable parts and colors for a renewal every day of Hannukah. Agayof as usual surprises with his sleek contemporary designs, each with a special significance in ultramodern hues. Laura Cowan excels in singular creative designs with her Rainbow Cone composition. We offer many candle styles including Safed handmade dripless candles, and floating wicks for oil burning. Also available are the glass inserts for non messy oil burning. The Dreidels are a special decorative object from Israeli artists such as Adi Sidler with his special Coil and Magnet design, also excelling is Yaelet Chen with her decorated Metal dreidels and a choice of wood or metal ones from Dorit Judaica. For entertainment, the Chanukah DVD and CD's will give hours of fun, and you can enhance the atmosphere with Posters, Stationery and Stickers, all with this theme.

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