Bicycle & Sport Sculptures by David Gerstein

Famous Bicycle Sculpture series by the noted Israeli artist David Gerstein, funky and decorative, suitable for any home decor.

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Showing 1-32 out of 41 items

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Bikers and Joggers by Gerstein

David Gerstein is one of Israel’s prestigious artists whose works are displayed world-over. He lives and works in Jerusalem and from there, he presents us with a series of double-sided bicycle sculptures reflecting his humorous whimsical look at everyday life. They are a poignant reminder of his childhood in Jerusalem and his youth in Ramat Gan, when bicycles were a major form of transportation and leisure activity.

Each one of these bicycle and sport sculptures celebrates movement and brilliantly conveys the carefree spirit of bicycle riding, a pleasure ignored and forgotten in todays' harassed world of technology.

Those who use their bicycle for leisure and relaxation will surely identify with the pleasing “Summer Rider,” “Rider in Euphoria,” “Weekend Ride,” “Country Rider and ”Spring Ride,” featuring a lovers’ relaxing bicycle ride together as they clearly enjoying each other’s company.

Bicycle riding is also a convenient and low-cost form of transportation to and from work as depicted in the “Ladder Man,” “Rider with flowers” and “Troubador Rider.”

In the Champion Bicycle Racer and the Armstrong Bicycle Sculpture, Gerstein has effectively captured the intensity and passion of speed and the enormous concentration demanded of the racer driver. The tension is almost unbearable and the driver gives an impression of whizzing through space as he bends forward, hunched over the handlebars of his bicycle.

In the same spirit, the Jogger and Jogger Duet sculptures reflect on the mad rush of life as the jockey rider seems to plead, pressure and push the horse forward.

In his innovative creative spirit, Gerstein has made racing bicycle drivers the theme of a magnificent laser cut fruit bowl that features a circle of bicycle drivers racing forward. A pithy reflection on life – there is no end and no beginning!

AJudaica invites you to browse through these sculptures and enjoy the double-sided effect – both front and back displays. Each one will be appreciated for its value as a decorative gift for the home in addition to representing a serious work of prestigious art.

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