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The world-famous aJudaica shofars

If you want to buy a shofar from aJudaica, you are in good company and have made a wise decision. Since it was founded in 2003, aJudaica has sold thousands of shofars. For many customers, it is a second or more purchase – a tribute to the quality of the shofars, the high level of service and the wide range and variety of shofars that are always in stock.

Yossi Belz, founder and director of aJudaica tells us: "Many years ago, I received a request from India for a kosher shofar. There and then, I made it my personal mission to make a choice of quality shofars available to any person, any place, anywhere. To date, I do not think there is a country in the world that has not received a shofar shipment from aJudaica. Shofars are my passion and I still personally check every one that leaves our warehouse!"

A brief review of our Shofar stock

We invite you to take time to stroll through our large selection. You will find a great choice of traditional rams' horns. Equally popular are the curling Yemenite shofars – a visual delight in addition to producing a rich sound. In contrast, our Gemsbok shofar are perfectly straight – distinctive and dignified. We maintain a full stock of small, medium and large sizes. Remember length is always measured on the outside, not the inside, of the curve. There is a choice of polished or natural finish or a combination of both. The nostalgia design, featuring a crown cut on the mouthpiece, is a regular favorite.

The Kudu Yemenite Shofar for sale at aJudaica

A considerable number of our shofar customers from different faiths want a Shofar too for purposes that include personal or ceremonial - a shofar that produces a quality sound that will resonate well in closed or open areas. Others cherish the shofar for its unique sounds, appreciated by music fans.

Shofars are magnificently decorative. If you are looking to present an impressive gift, make sure to examine our selection. You will find rams horns and Yemenite spirals, all decorated with gleaming silver plate adorned with traditional symbols or Hebrew wording. Others are stunningly hand painted with exquisite designs. These are luxurious items that will make wonderful presentations to take pride of place in the home.

The Rosh Hashanah Shofar at aJudaica

The shofar horn, always taken from a kosher animal, is deeply linked with Rosh Hashanah, the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. It plays a central role in the prayer service although shofar blowing is omitted when the Festival falls on Shabbat. It is gratifying to know that shofar blowers all over the world are blowing the ritual notes – tekiah, shevarim and tekiah gedolah – from an aJudaica shofar. Indeed, many of our Shofar Blowers purchase a second or third shofar so that they always have a supply in reserve.

Shofar accessories at aJudaica

Completing your shofar purchase is a shofar bag to protect it from dust and enable you to carry it easily from place to place. These are decorative, come in various sizes and will comfortably store the shofar when it is not in use. For a shofar on display, we have a selection of stands – made from clear transparent lucite or magnificently hand painted wood stands from Yair Emanuel.

If your shofar has an odor, it may encourage you to know that it means it is a genuine shofar horn. Plastic artificial shofars have no smell! Before our shofars are shipped, we spend time cleaning them and eliminating odors but sometimes they linger. We recommend using the aJudaica Neutralizer Spray. Made for this purpose, it should do the job. If there are problems – do not hesitate to call and we will do all we can to help.

More about the cost

Regarding cost - the basic rule is, you get what you pay for! Hours of work are invested in every shofar before it reaches you. After being selected from a huge shipment of shofars, it undergoes many complex stages. After sterilization, the horns are straightened and the mouthpiece is carefully drilled. Brushing and polishing is the final stage. All this demands expertise and experience - reflected in the price you pay for a good-looking shofar that is fit for use and produces a clear sound. At aJudaica, before any shofar is shipped, we check it again for appearance and sound quality.

Beware of fake shofars

As we wrote above, producing a kosher shofar, fit for ritual use, is a complex process involving knowledge and expertise. In recent years, many unscrupulous dealers have flooded the market with shofars that are not kosher. Sometimes, only an expert eye can detect the faults. So, if it is too cheap to be true, it probably is! A genuine kosher shofar needs full certification at every stage of production. When you buy from a reputable company like aJudaica, you can rely on the kashrut all the way. All our shofars are produced entirely in Israel. Each shofar intended for ritual use (not the decorative ones) comes with a rabbinical certificate confirming that it is 100% kosher together with the appropriate certificate from Government offices.

A final Shofar thought…

Whether it is intended for use or for decoration, the shofar is a meaningful addition to every home. It makes a wonderful bar mitzvah or housewarming gift. It is a great presentation for a school or any public place. It is always a meaningful and impressive presentation item.

Steeped in symbolism, the shofar represents the connection of the Jewish People with the Almighty. The word "shofar" is linked to the Hebrew word "le'shaper" which means to beautify or improve. The shofar is a call to everyone to pause for a moment, to examine life values and priorities and to make a firm commitment to improve and beautify personal development.

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