Hoshen - Breastplate

Our breastplate pendants are not only colorful and lively, they're meaningful symbols and reminders of the High Priest's breastplate in ancient Israel.

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Showing 1-5 out of 5 items

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What is Hoshen

The Hoshen – Breastplate – was one of the sacred garments of the High Priest, worn over his chest when he performed the service in the Holy Temple. The garment was passed down from one High Priest to another along the centuries. Made of richly embroidered fine linen fabric, it was adorned with twelve precious stones, corresponding to the twelve tribes of Israel. Each stone reflected the spiritual strength and dimension of the tribe it represented.

Hoshen designs were introduced into jewelry as knowledge of the Kabalah, once the secret lore of holy men, became increasingly widespread and with it there was growing popularity for the spiritual messages of traditional Jewish symbols transposed to jewelry items. Prominent amongst these was the Hoshen and its twelve stones.

The stones are extremely attractive both in shape and color. There is uncertainty regarding their names and colors and the order in which they were laid. So, each artist chooses his own version of the traditional interpretation. What is certain is that each stone of the Hoshen has a mystical significance. The stones are known for their properties to ward off the evil eye and bad spirits and to bring positive energy to the home, business or individual wearing the item.

Scroll through aJudaica’s choice of Hoshen jewelry. You will find there a wide selection of gorgeous pendants, our most popular item. This is closely followed by elegant rings and earrings. Each one is a work of art that, that in addition to its positive energies, will bring you lots of compliments and admiring glances. If you are looking to spoil someone special in your life, we recommend our incredibly beautiful Hoshen cufflinks.

Gold is the predominant color for the background or frame to the Hoshen (also spelled Choshen) pendants. The square shape and rows of stones are attractive and lends themselves to exciting creations. Notice the reasonable prices – a Hoshen pendant is an affordable jewelry item that everyone can enjoy.

Choose an Ajudaica’s Hoshen jewelry item and enjoy an attractive and original adornment, filled with mystical significance – a certain conduit for positive spiritual energies. At the same time, it is an expression of faith in the glorious past of the Jewish nation and our hope that this will return – speedily in our days.

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