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Send your Mazal Tov wishes with one of these adorable gifts and just sit back and wait for the excited thank you's you'll get. Israeli artists offer their best and cutest items for the new addition to your family.

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Showing 1-32 out of 39 items

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Judaica Baby Gifts

Everyone enjoys scrolling through baby gifts. There is something irresistibly attractive about them – the softs textures, the miniature sizes, the pretty designs and at aJudaica, you will find original ideas too. Look through our selection. You will surely find something to meet your taste and budget.

A new-born babe can’t have too many onesies. So, an extra one or two will always be welcome. Choose one of our many amusing texts. People will be hovering over the crib to read, enjoy and smile! They come in a selection of colors and sizes.

For the baby’s room, we are sure you will be as enthusiastic about Dorit Judaica’s wall decoration as we were. Each one is a stunning work of art, displaying life-like pictures with words of blessing. Many have an optional matching Mezuzah case which makes a stylish gift set. Ester Shahaf also displays richly decorated Baby Blessings as a wall decoration. For boys, there is a handsome modeh ani clock too.

In her elegant style, rich with pastel colors that blend in perfect harmony, there are illustrated boys’ and girls’ blessing from Israeli artist Dvora Black. They come fully framed, ready to be hung on the wall.

You will find in this selection a number of cute baby blessings from Yealat Chen. They come with the option of colored pink for girls or blue for boys.

For anyone inclined to Kabalah, a baby’s room is not complete without a Hamsa. Artist Iris Shemesh offers richly colorful Hamsas in a choice of colors. Ha’Ari suggests to pin to the baby’s outfit an exclusive baby amulet pin that comes with Kabalistic charms and text.

If you are looking for a gift that will be meaningful for the parents too, a must for every home is the decorative Candle Lighting Prayer for children, silently uttered by the mothers after she has kindled the Shabbat lights.

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