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Showing 1-32 out of 59 items

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Unique Gifts for the Jewish New Year

This unique collection of items culled from our large stock features a range from stickers to candlesticks and wall blessings. The Yealat Chen Wall Hangings are durable, beautiful and evocative, utilizing Judaica themes such as Jerusalem, pomegranates enhanced with detailed carving and stones. Her fine filigree work table decorations and napkin holders reflect the thought and craftmanship of this studio, and is all made in Israel. The delightful and colorful glass candlesticks in shape of pomegranates will make a much appreciated gift or table decoration. Colorful stickers and stationery make exciting handcraft for kids, as they can decorate their own New Year's cards and wishes. Special hand towels by Dorit Judaica feature pomegranates and Shana Tova wishes in Hebrew make lovely hostess gifts and home decorations.

Various Items for the Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashonah, the first day of the Jewish New Year, is a day full of hope for sweet beginnings and dreams for a year that will fulfill hopes and dreams. In the preceding days and weeks, it is customary for relatives, friends and even strangers to wish one another “Shanah Tovah” – Happy New Year!

Ajudaica carries a range of small gifts that are budget-conscious but still carry a message of friendship. If you have guests for Rosh Hashanah, want to show appreciation for a teacher, neighbor or friend or you just would like to say Shanah Tovah to your employees, students or others – take some ideas from our website. You can present a decorative candle lighting pack of tray with tea lights and matches. Or, try our elegant gift box holding an aromatic bar of Dead Sea salt soap on which is written Shanah Tovah. Browse through the site and you will find many ideas.

Consider aJudaica’s choice of Rosh Hashanah greeting cards, incorporating a miniature honey jar together with prayers and blessings recited at the Rosh Hashanah meal. Some come with matching envelopes. They will make a delightful addition to your place settings around the table. The center piece on your Rosh Hashanah table will be the honey dish used for dipping the Challah and apples. There is a great choice of styles and designs to meet every taste and pocket. Decorative Rosh Hashanah flags add color and a festive note to your table.

To keep your children constructively occupied during those activity-filled days before Rosh Hashanah, why not entertain them with a colorful drawing book filled with pictures relating to the Festival. A favorite with all children is the child’s shofar that he will love to blow at all hours of the day and night.

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