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Posters for Sukkah

These beautifully decorated posters will enhance your Sukkah and are also suitable for home, schools and institutions. They evocatively express various Jewish themes such as the Seven Species of Israel, with each fruit artistically portrayed in full color. Others express prayers such as Perek Shira describing praises of G-d and songs sung by each animal in the creation, and Nishmat Kol Chai which extols Hashem and His greatness in poetic terms. Others which are educational demonstrations of basic Judaic themes such as Alef Bet, Hebrew Months, Twelve Tribes, Seven Days of Creation and more. The Birkat Hamazon has the Hebrew Grace after Meals, which is often prominently displayed in school dining rooms. Some give an idea of Biblical places, as the Temple in Jerusalem, Rachel's Tomb and the wondrous Throne of King Solomon. These items are truly ornamental and will enhance any room.

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