Hamsa by David Gerstein

Find a contemporary Hamsa by David Gerstein, with variations such as the Peace on Israel Hamsa Sculpture in vibrant colors and styles.

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David Gerstein Hamsa

AJudaica invites you to decorate your home with a Hamsa created by renowned Israeli artist David Gerstein. The traditional five finger hand motif, a well-known popular Middle Eastern talisman representing protection from the Evil Eye, is a popular home decoration, displayed prominently to bring luck, health, happiness and good fortune.

The eternal Hamsa, with its mystical sources shrouded in mystery, has been adopted by David Gerstein. In his inimitable style, loved by so many, he brings to the ancient Hamsa a contemporary touch with a sense of humor that reflects his love of color and love of life. Each Hamsa is made from laser cut metal. It stands upright on a base which carries the artist’s signature.

His series of Hamsas are filled with color and fun and will bring joy to every home. We recommend his Jewish spirit Hamsas, decorated with Judaica symbols… miniature Shabbat candles, The Wall, Menorah, Etrog and of course the beloved pomegranate. At the base, around the protective eye motif, is written in Hebrew, “Happy Tidings” or “Peace for Israel.”

Still on the peace theme is an olive branch decoration with a delicate dove perched above the thumb. Another similar style Hamsa displays a charming bunch of luscious grapes alongside a Kiddush cup whose maroon color is associated with healing properties. Or what about the Hamsa combining doves and an olive branch with the word Shalom – Peace - engraved at the base?

If you are looking for a humorous modern style Hamsa, you will adore the Gerstein bright red Hamsa with intertwined fingers. At the base is the protective Eye with the words in Hebrew around it – bli ayin hara – the traditional protection phrase recited after words of excessive praise!

Whether for yourself or a dear one, Gerstein’s Hamsas are the perfect gift for a birthday, housewarming or any occasion when you want to say, “I love you and wish you well!” They will add an elegant touch to your décor, standing on your table or sideboard, moved around your home as your mood or fancy takes you.

May your David Gerstein Hamsa bring you the blessings of protection, love, hope, peace and happiness. Good Hamsa luck from David Gerstein!

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