Hanukkah by David Gerstein

Celebrate Chanukah with an original David Gerstein Menorah, featuring Dove of Peace Menorah, lively Butterflies Hanukah Menorah and others.

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Showing 1-6 out of 6 items

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Menorah by David Gerstein

The Festival of Chanukah always falls in the winter months when outside, it is cold and dark. Inside is warmth and joy, highlighted with the glow of the Menorah lights. David Gerstein, Israeli artist of world renown, has created Menorahs that are an incredible rainbow of color. They speak of joy, laughter and harmony reaching out to families in love and friendship. AJudaica takes pride to present them to you.

In his Butterflies Menorah, a stunning variety of colors blend and float in all directions. No two butterflies are the same – a Gerstein comment on the varieties of human nature and personalities.

The breathtaking Doves in Flight Menorah depicts flying birds in a stunning array of colors. Gerstein has captured the beauty of movement and with a humorous touch has hidden two doves under the Menorah!

The Birds Menorah features a flock of birds perched on tree twigs. The variety of fresh vibrant colors and sizes is a visual delight and a reminder of the spring that will surely follow the cold dark winter.

The Brush Strokes Menorah displays vivacious color, representing joy and human variety. Chanukah is the time when each person is accepted and respected for his personal contribution to the family's harmony.

David Gerstein's magnificent Dove of Peace Menorah expresses the Jew's eternal yearning for peace. The dove is perched above the glowing candles and in his beak is the proverbial olive branch of peace.

A Gerstein Chanukah collection needs a Hamsa. So, here it is – a two Hamsa Hand Menorah - each one holding the protective eye. Above the Menorah is written the word Shalom, Peace and below are the words "nes gadol" – a great miracle!

If you are considering a public presentation, what could be more striking and impressive than a David Gerstein Menorah. They make meaningful gifts for anyone you wish to honor or show appreciation to. An added asset – these Menorahs are not limited to the eight days of Chanukah but make magnificent displays that will be admired and respected throughout the year!

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