72 Names Kabbalah Jewelry Pendant

72 Names Kabbalah Jewelry Pendant

72 Names Kabbalah Jewelry Pendant

Diameter: 3cm / 1.2"

Product Description

The 72 names!

On this sterling silver Kabbalah disc is engraved the 72 names of G-d - a combination of holy letters that form a powerful Kabbalah tool with enormous potential to bring benefit and blessings to people’s lives. In the center is an attractive 14K gold Hamsa to ward off the Evil Eye. Wear this stunning necklace and connect to hidden spiritual frequencies in order to bring down positive energy from Heaven.

Additional info:
Suitable for men or women. Designed and created by Golan using mystical Kabalah formulas that dictate which days and times are favorable for success and blessing to the wearer. Chain is available separately in Additional Items option.


SKU: GS-0080
Size: Diameter: 3cm / 1.2"
Artist: Golan Studio
Materials: Sterling Silver
Hamsa in 14k gold
Made in Israel

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